Wooden art

Trip offer 2 days/1 night Wooden art is the art which transforms wood in something beautiful, like barrels, waggons and other domesti...

History and the Great War

You can deeply understand an event such the First World War, only if you came through the places where the people lived during the war. Adamello...
€ 85

Typographical and rock signs

Trip offer 2 days/1 night On one side there are the archeological parks with open air museums , which saveguard a big estate of engraved signs,...
€ 81

The Sixteenth century art

Girolamo Romanino was a fool or maybe just a great anticipator, his art is timeless leave us speechless , difficult to understand but easy to get...
€ 76

Contemporary art

Trip offer 2 days/1 night The contemporary art is the nowdays art, new pieces of art born everyday in Valle Camonica, the art is produced thanks...
€ 80

Agriculture and landscape

Trip offer 2 days/1 night Discover and taste unknown flavour, discover with us the products and the instruments used in the past and the work of...
€ 77

Rural architecture

Trip offer 2 days/1 night What are the knowledge and values safeguarded in the small villages of Valle Camonica? In the itinerary you’ll...
€ 75

New taste : from hills to mountains

NEW TASTE: FROM HILLS TO MOUNTAINS A gastronomic offer to develop antique traditions of tastes and products of the factories, between walking and...

commercial roads between settlements and the river Chiese

  scarica qui il pdf: 2. italiano Included are:  2 nights bed&breakfast, hotel or farmhouse. Dinner and lunch like in the program /...
€ 165